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  • Why only sizes 37 and 4 ½ are sold in the store?
    • Womens' sample shoes are always manufactured in the same size. However there is a lot of variation in the shoe sizes due to for example the brand and the last of the shoe. Often people with shoe size 36 or 38 find shoes in Korkkari.
  • Why is the store closed so many weeks in Summer and in the Winter?
    • Store is closed between the seasons so that we can receive and price items for the next season.
  • When is the store open?
    • Spring / Summer season is normally from the beginning of March until Mid Summer and the Fall / Winter season is from Mid August until Mid December. During seasons store is open from Wednesday to Friday from 10 Am to 6 Pm and on Saturdays from 10 Am to 2 Pm. Opening hours are always informed by e-mail to those who have registered to our mailing list, in our web pages and in Facebook.
  • Why are the shoes half the price cmpared to other shoe stores? Is there something wrong with them?
    • Sample shoes have been used as a showpieces by factories or wholesalers. That is why there can be some minor cosmetic flaws in them.
  • Is there or will there be an online store for Korkkari?
    • Because there is only one pair of each model, maintaining an online store would be almost impossible and unprofitable.
  • What means of payment are there?
    • You can pay with cash, Debid card, Visa, MasterCard and VisaElectron.
  • Can I get refund or swap items if I'm not happy with them?
    • Yes. We refund or swap items that were sold in normal price if You have the receipt and bring them back to the store within 7 days of purchase. We do not refund or swap discounted items.
  • Can I reserve shoes in the store?
    • We take reservations for few days. Unless item is discounted or there has been an advertisement of it in Facebook or in the mailing list during the same week.
  • Can I purchase a gift card for Korkkari?
    • Gift cards are sold in the store. You can decide the amount for which the gift card is written. The gift card will be valid for half an year from the day it is purchased. If the gift card is not used all at once, a new gift card will be written for the remaining sum. Gift card can not be changed for cash.
  • How can I get information about the novelties, opening hours and sales of Korkkari?
    • You can for example register for the mailing list of Korkkari. About 10 e-mails are sent during one season. Same information and pictures are also published on Korkkari's Facebook pages. The Facebook account is public, so You can see the publications and pictures without signing into Facebook. (Mailing list and Facebook are only in Finnish)
  • How can I inform my new e-mail adress for the mailing list?
    • You can inform Your new e-mail adress or / and ask to remove Your old address, by sending an e-mail to address info@korkkari37.fi
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